Bouncing Bombs!

On June 12, 2013, Bouncing Bombs! was officially released on the Google Play Store to much fanfare...

Okay, so, maybe not much more fanfare than me and a few of my friends. But, dang it, I certainly was happy! :-)

After several months of random nights and weekends in development. After much appreciated testing from my friends. And after a brief Beta period on the Google Play Store, my game was released into the wild.

Bouncing Bombs! is a free-to-play casual game for Android that tests your mind and reflexes starring Bobby, the Friendly Bomb. Being a friendly bomb, Bobby doesn't want to blow up. But, to do this, he needs your help...

The Goal Is Simple: Keep Bobby from exploding for as long as possible. The longer Bobby survives, the more your score grows. The higher your score, the higher you'll climb on the global leaderboards.

Bobby is always bouncing around the screen. Yet, you can't control him directly. Instead, you must swipe the screen to make temporary barriers to redirect him into or around objects. You'll want to avoid anything that might hurt him while collecting items, such as health and coins, that will help him live longer... That wick of his is always burning, you know!

Try as he might, Bobby, like most bombs, will eventually blow up. But, no worries, with the coins you've collected, you can purchase various power-ups to help Bobby live longer and help your score grow larger.


  • Dynamically changing environment: Each game-play session is unique
  • Test your mind and reflexes: Predict where Bobby is headed and react to ricochet him to where you want him to go
  • Global Daily/Weekly/All-Time Leaderboard player rankings
  • Global Daily/Weekly/All-Time Top 100 score boards. How many times can you get your name in the Top 100?
  • Multiple game modes: Power-up Bobby for big scores in Normal mode or test your raw talent in Hard
  • Purchase power-ups with your collected coins to increase your chances of survival
  • Customize your game with unlockable backgrounds
  • Casual game play: Easy to learn. Challenging to master

Got feedback on how to improve Bouncing Bombs!? Let me know. Either post here or send me an email from inside of Bouncing Bombs ( Credits --> Contact Us )

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