Monday, July 8, 2013

Every Adventure Needs A Beginning...

Aaaaaaand, the FussenKuh Software blog is officially live!

Looking back on things, I wish I would have created this blog months ago when I first decided to pursue creating video games in my spare time. Rather than a collection of scrawling on random pieces of paper now lost to time, I could have kept a running development log of my first game Bouncing Bombs!

Oh well, I suppose that'll be Lesson Learned #1: Document my creations. If I'm taking the time to create something, I ought to make sure that I'm keeping track of my progress in a more meaningful/useful way.

At any rate, for whomever (or is it whoever? I never remember...) is reading this, welcome to the FussenKuh Software Blog!  I'm not entirely sure what will come of this blog, but, a guy's got to start somewhere.

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